Where To I Do?


The ultimate property makeover meets wedding series that focuses on the three most important wedding decisions couples make: location, location, location!

Hosted by design and property expert Tommy Smythe (The Marilyn Denis Show, The Search for Canada's Next Designer, Sarah’s House), Where To I Do? takes engaged couples on a tour of three completely unique spaces, where their fantasy wedding could take place.

Whether it is a medieval castle, a rustic country barn, or a chic rooftop bar, Tommy presents the best options in order to help the couple lock down this key detail for their dream day.

Each space is then brought to life in a state-of-the-art glossy 3D graphic that Tommy reveals to the couple to help them decide, but everyone else will have to wait until the wedding day for the big reveal.

     Where To I Do? is also available as Format, find more information here.



  • 8 x 30' - Also Available As Format


  • Lifestyle
  • Factual Entertainment
  • Property


  • Bell Media Studios
  • Motion Content Group

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • Gusto

Year of production

  • 2018