Things Not To Say


Things Not To Say is a warm and lighthearted short form format designed to overcome misconceptions and stereotypes, in which young people speak about issues they face in everyday life.

In each episode, a group of people are being interviewed facing the camera two at a time to talk about the things people say to them in a way that is both informative and funny. Each episode is dedicated to a specific theme or subject.

The original UK version of Things Not to Say includes episodes about things not to say to people with Down's Syndrome, people with tattoos, gingers, dog owners, Scottish people, people with autism, schizophrenics, people with facial disfigurement, young black men, people with dyslexia, hairy women, short people, people with acne, people living with vitiligo, people with HIV, bald people, and women wearing burkas.

Also available:
Things Not To Say - Danish version (produced by TV 2 Denmark for TV 2 ECHO): 3x2'

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  • Short Form


  • Documentary
  • Factual Entertainment
  • Short Form


  • Mentorn Media

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • BBC Three

Territories Produced In

  • UK
  • Denmark