Generation Grime


The definitive British youth movement of the 21st century, over the last fifteen years Grime has stolen the hearts and minds of British youth to become the UK’s most successful and important music export in years, but it has been by no means a straight forward rags to riches fairy tale.

This is a story of a musical culture that has had to consistently break the rules in order to succeed and finally broken through by consciously choosing to cut out the middle men and cut out the very industry that they initially sought out to break them.

In this unprecedented film, we celebrate Grime’s musical lineage with a stylish, grown-up and granular look at this seemingly impenetrable musical movement through intimate, beautifully shot interviews with the key architects of the genre. Stepping back from the frenetic world of Grime, our interviewees, from household names such as Skepta and Dizzee Rascal, are interviewed at length about how the sound and intent of the most impenetrable sound has emerged.

This is the definitive film of a scene that has at last taken its seat at the table to join the myriad significant sub-cultural moments that have had a lasting impact on popular culture. Told chronologically, the narrative is organized into mini epochs named after the media formats that were driving the music’s creation and distribution at the time from "The Age of Cassette" to "The Streaming Age".



  • 1 x 60'


  • Art & Culture
  • Celebrity
  • Documentary
  • Music


  • Renowned Films

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • Sky Arts

Year of production

  • 2018