Delivering The World


In this series we find out what it takes to deliver absolutely anything, anywhere in the world, almost instantly… and it is not easy!

Delivering The World goes behind the scenes with the world’s biggest delivery company to find out how they deliver an extraordinary range and quantity of packages all over the planet. With half a million employees, 90,000 road vehicles, a fleet of planes and even their own airport, DHL makes on average five deliveries every second, somewhere on Earth. This is a series about amazing global logistics, epic journeys and an army of hard working, cheerful characters who by and large love their jobs and help keep the modern world turning.

The series focuses on the company’s toughest delivery challenges, including things that are very hard to transport quickly or safely and deliveries to or from the least accessible places on our planet. We find out how the global delivery business works and achieves such incredible speed, scale and cost efficiency, and we meet some extraordinary people and businesses that rely on the global delivery business for their success. It all makes Earth seem a very small place.

Each episode includes three delivery stories. In this first we find out how it is possible for a man living in Outback Australia to buy a T-shirt online from a company in the UK and receive it just a few days later all for less than it would cost in his local clothing store. We see the shipment of fragile, life saving and planet preserving packages... as well as finding out how an entire orchestra is moved overnight between concerts… we witness life-saving medical equipment being rushed across Europe… and we uncover the connection between paper making and elephant poo.



  • 4 x 60'


  • Documentary
  • Factual Entertainment
  • Travel


  • Whitworth Media

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • Channel 5

Year of production

  • 2018