Chilli Hunter


Join world traveller and food-adventurer Tyson Mayr on the fiercest, fieriest and scariest culinary quest in Asia.

Born and bred in sleepy outback Australia Tyson tasted his first chilli at the age of 22…and now he’s hungry for more.

His chilli hunt takes him from sizzling Singapore to the cauldron of Korea, from the mouth-numbing madness of Malaysia to Japan’s toughest chilli test in Tokyo.

A heat-seeking culinary missile, Tyson’s chilli hunt takes in eight countries and scores of scorching dishes as he seeks out Asia’s maddest, baddest and most dangerous-to-eat delights.

Episodic Synopsis:

Chili Hunter – Singapore
In the Singapore episode of Chilli Hunter host Tyson Mayr meets local foodie and celebrity Denise Tan to get a taste of the Lion City’s heat. He tackles a too-hot-to-handle level ten Chilli Crab, plays chilli-cheerleader at a seriously spicy chicken wing challenge and takes on Singapore’s fearsome ‘Spaghetti from Hell – Level 18’.

Chili Hunter – Malaysia
The Malaysia episode of Chilli Hunter see’s host Tyson Mayr get a spicy sambal masterclass from local culinary legend Chef Ismail, dial up the heat to make Malaysia’s terrifying ‘911 pizza’ and attempt to choke down the nation’s deadliest noodle dish in a final, fiery challenge.

Chili Hunter – Indonesia
In the Indonesia episode of Chilli Hunter host Tyson Mayr discovers the spicy secrets of the nation’s capital, Jakarta. He samples 34 searing local sambals, concocts a unique creation of his own and braves the backstreets to seek out Indomie Abang and a chilli dish that gives the humble instant noodle a seriously bad name.

Chili Hunter – Thailand
Chilli Hunter Tyson Mayr’s Thailand adventure kicks off with a local lesson in all things chilli from ‘Eat List Star’ celebrity, Chef Anupong before diving into the fevered depths of Thailand’s chilli obsession: from a fierce face-off with one of Muay Thai’s most respected coaches to the flaming insanity of Bangkok’s hottest Som Tum salad.

Chili Hunter – Philippines
In the Philippines episode of Chilli Hunter, host Tyson Mayr uncovers a unique sub-culture of heat lovers as he busts the myth that Filipino food doesn’t pack a punch. He meets hot-sauce heroes, fanatic chilli-growers and takes the 100 chilli-challenge in a bid to join one of Manila’s most exclusive clubs: the Labuyo 100.

Chili Hunter – China
Tyson Mayr, the Chilli Hunter, touches down in Szechuan – a mecca for chilli lovers from across the world. Taking in the madness of Chengdu’s dedicated pepper markets he samples the region’s famously potent hotpots, learns the secrets of the local ‘mala’ method of making spicy Sichuan cuisine and hops into a frog-leg chilli challenge unlike any other.

Chili Hunter – Korea
In the Korea episode of Chilli Hunter host Tyson Mayr’s quest for fire takes him to local food markets for a taste of Seoul’s spiciest surprises, into the countryside to learn the ancient art of making red-hot ‘gochujang’ paste and back to the city to bump, grind and dine with K-Pop sensations LAYSHA in a final, fearsome soup noodle challenge.

Chili Hunter – Japan
Touching down in Tokyo host Tyson Mayr’s ‘mission Japan’ sees him whip up a very special batch of local chilli condiment, ‘shimichi’ before trying it out on the city’s unsuspecting public. He meets a man re-discovering Tokyo’s ancient chilli history and gears up for the final stop on his red-hot tour of Tokyo: a deadly bowl of habanero-heavy ramen.



  • 8 x 30'


  • Food
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  • Beach House Pictures
  • Motion Content Group

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • Mediacorp

Year of production

  • 2017-2018