Baby Ballroom | Season 1-2


This vibrant new series lifts the lid on the glamorous, dramatic and cut-throat world of competitive ballroom dancing for children.

The series follows a selection of the most successful and dynamic Juvenile (under 11 years) and Junior (under 16 years) couples as they train at one of the biggest dance schools in the country. Each episode explores the lives of these young dancers, their families and teachers – who live, breathe and eat Latin and Ballroom dance – as they train for and take part in a make-or-break competitions.

Every episode culminates in either a Couples or Formation competition – an event that puts the dancers’ and the schools’ reputations squarely on the line.

Packed to the brim with cute kids, strict teachers and extremely pushy parents alongside an array of amazing talent, huge personalities and glittering costumes, this is the world of Baby Ballroom.

Series 1: 8 x 60'
NEW | Series 2: 7 x 60'



  • 15 x 60'


  • Factual Entertainment


  • Firecracker Films

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • 5Star

Year of production

  • 2017-2018