Unreported World | Season 1-34


Unreported World’s reporters travel to some of the most dangerous and neglected parts of the globe offering the viewer an unrivaled insight into the daily reality for those whose lives are rarely glimpsed by the global news machine.

As Channel 4's flagship current affairs strand, Unreported World is consistently ahead of the pack; unearthing stories and traveling to emerging hot spots before the rest of the world’s news teams catch up. Speaking to the people directly affected by issues the series shows the audience a world less visited by cameras and reporting.

Reporter-led, immediate, accessible and with an emphasis on telling stories with strong human interest, Unreported World is television reporting at its best.

Seasons 1-33: 229x30'
NEW | Season 34: 8x30'

Available screeners

  • Africa's Superstar Gladiators (S33 Ep8)

    Africa's Superstar Gladiators (S33 Ep8)

    Discover Senegal's national obsession with competitive wrestling.

  • Obesity in Paradise (S33 Ep7)

    Obesity in Paradise (S33 Ep7)

    Unreported World travels to the Pacific Islands Samoa and American Samoa to investigate an obesity crisis.

  • North Korea's Reality TV Stars (S33 Ep6)

    North Korea's Reality TV Stars (S33 Ep6)

    View the new genre of primetime TV shows gripping South Korea: 'Defector TV'.

  • Burma's Broken Dream (S33 Ep5)

    Burma's Broken Dream (S33 Ep5)

    Follow Aung San Suu Kyi in office, the achievements and challenges facing her government.

  • Dying to Come to Britain (S33 Ep4)

    Dying to Come to Britain (S33 Ep4)

    Meet ill Syrian refugees recognised by official agencies as in need of life-saving treatment.

  • Making America Read (S33 Ep3)

    Making America Read (S33 Ep3)

    Report on how 30 million American people can’t read well enough to get a job.

  • Putin's Family Values (S33 Ep2)

    Putin's Family Values (S33 Ep2)

    Discover Putin’s Russia, where traditionalist values and Orthodox religion are on the rise.

  • Peru's Monkey Business (S33 Ep1)

    Peru's Monkey Business (S33 Ep1)

    Eye-opening film from Peru, exposing the callous and illegal wildlife trade in the Amazon jungle.

  • Sex for Grades (S32 Ep8)

    Sex for Grades (S32 Ep8)

    Report on teachers giving good grades to schoolgirls in exchange for sex.

  • South Africa's Skin Bleaching Scandal (S32 Ep7)

    South Africa's Skin Bleaching Scandal (S32 Ep7)

    Investigation into harmful skin-bleaching products used in South Africa.


  • 237 x 30'


  • Current Affairs
  • Documentary


  • Quicksilver Media

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • Channel 4

Year of production

  • 2000-2017