The Robot Will See You Now


Meet Jess, the personal robot who wants to help with very human problems.

Obesity, infidelity, marriage, money - we humans have countless issues in our lives. But just how far would we trust a machine to help us? In The Robot Will See You Now a team of A.I. experts have developed a robot to find out just that...

In this show, people from all over the U.K. visit Jess and ask her for help. But what happens when Jess reveals the real reason for a woman's weight issues... Is her husband's infidelity? And how will a young couple react when Jess discovers that the cause of their arguments is his Islamic religion? 

In this entertaining, insightful and thought-provoking film, Jess gives us a unique glimpse of our AI future, a time when robots will be everywhere, dealing with our questions every day.



  • 1 x 60'


  • Documentary
  • Science & Nature


  • Double Act TV

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • Channel 4

Territories Produced In

  • UK

Year of production

  • 2017