The People's Vet


The People's Vet is a new 20 part series following the daily life of the vets and nurses in two of the UK’s busiest Charity pet hospitals.

At the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) in Liverpool around 350 poorly pets are brought to their two hospitals in Kirkdale & Huyton every single day, where pet owners in receipt of certain social benefits are offered free and reduced ‘cost treatments.

From abandoned puppies to stray chickens, orphaned squirrels to cats that have been shot or attacked by foxes. From dogs suffering seizures, to puppies with broken bones and rats with respiratory issues. No day is ever the same for the hard-working veterinary teams.

This is a series full of emotional, heart-warming and often humorous stories, as we follow our pets through consultations, treatments, operations, and then visit them at home to catch up on their recovery.



  • 20 x 60'


  • Factual Entertainment


  • Blakeway North

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • Channel 4

Year of production

  • 2017