SOS: How To Survive


SOS: How To Survive is an exciting series driven by gripping true stories and centered with life-or-death lessons from popular survival expert, Creek Stewart.

These stories are powerful, evocative and surprising... the most dramatic true tales of survival in recent history. Based on these true-life stories, Creek teaches us the skills of how to survive.

Episodic Synopsis:

Episode 1: Lost in the Mountains
A young couple takes the popular Palm Springs Aerial Tramway up the 8000’ San Jacinto Mountain. They go off the trail for a photo, but can’t find their way back. Their harrowing 3-day attempt to hike down the extreme mountain terrain leads them into a dead-end canyon. There, the grisly discovery of a hiker who died a year before in this remote location leaves them believing they are not going to get out alive

Episode 2: Trapped in a Blizzard
When the Kim family takes a wrong turn, they get stuck in the snow on a logging road. With two infant children and no real knowledge about mountains and frigid temperatures, the Kim’s situation turns desperate.  After three days they are out of food and gas, no one knows where they are, and no one is likely to come down the road for months. How can they survive?

Episode 3: Desert Heat
To celebrate their anniversary, Rick McFarland and Cathy Frye took off for a one-day hike along a new trail in their favorite region – the Texas desert. They lost their way and become desperately dehydrated. When Cathy is overcome and can no longer move, Rick becomes their only hope of getting out alive. He must leave her behind and hope he can find help before she succumbs to the extreme desert heat.

Episode 4: An Injury in the Wilderness
Part 1: Desert Poet
On a three-hour hike in the Joshua Tree desert, realtor Ed Rosenthal becomes lost, and runs out of water in the 100-degree heat. One day becomes two, then four, his dehydration more severe with each day. By the fifth day he clings to life. Can he hang on until rescuers can find him?

Part 2: Broken Leg Hunter
When experienced bow hunter, John Sain, breaks his leg far off the trail in complete wilderness, he believes his only choice is a slow death or a quick one, with his own pistol. Does he have any way to survive?

Episode 5: Storm Surge
When hurricanes strike the U.S., they leave us cut off and battling for survival. When Katrina’s record storm surge created a river that surrounded the York’s house, the rising water threatened the couple’s last refuge. Superstorm Sandy tossed Kim Joyce and her cats into its churning waters where survival was a miracle. A wind-whipped storm surge from Hurricane Ike hammered the home of Carole Hamadey. She had to literally hold her windows in place or she and her companions were going to be sucked out to a certain death at sea.

Episode 6: Deadly Cold
Part 1: Olympic Rescue 
Rulon Gardner won the Greco-Roman wrestling gold medal in the 2000 Olympics by beating a Russian many thought couldn’t be defeated. Two years later, he got soaked when his snowmobile was stuck in a river. With temperatures plunging to 25 below zero overnight, he faced the toughest opponent of all: death. 

Part 2: Frazzled Fisherman
On a solo fishing trip in the California’s Northern Sierras, Mike Vilhauer ventured into the woods to catch grasshoppers for bait. He lost his way back, and spent days trekking through the rugged and punishing terrain until his feet were too raw and blistered to continue. Exhausted, immobile, and starving, he carved a letter to his wife in tree bark, knowing it could be his last words.



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Year of production

  • 2016