Raped: My Story


Rape isn’t just one night, it isn’t the event, it’s what happens afterwards.

The law protects the identity of rape victims, but in this feature length landmark documentary 10 people have chosen to speak out for the first time about what happened to them. However, only one of the survivor’s stories will end with a guilty verdict.

Told directly to camera, their extraordinarily honest accounts reveal first-hand how a case is won or lost. 

The conviction rates are shockingly low; a tiny fraction of the number of rapes that happen in Britain every year.

This film reveals the real stories behind the statistics. Through the testimony of 10 survivors, the experience from the emotional and psychological impact to the interrogation of the legal process is very honestly brought to life. Every account reflects a deeply personal experience, but common themes echo across the film, giving us extraordinary insight into what victims think and feel, how they are treated, and what determines and informs their actions afterwards.

The shame was just a massive, massive weight that crushes you, and it stops you from speaking out. And also, that huge fear that you’ll tell someone and they won’t believe you.

Directed by Catey Sexton, this is the definitive and powerful story of rape – its impact and its aftermath – told through the personal stories of 10 people who have made the brave decision, finally, to speak out.


Nominated for BAFTA for Best Current Affairs Programme 2018.


  • 1 x 90'


  • Current Affairs
  • Documentary


  • Lambent Productions

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • Channel 5

Year of production

  • 2017