Planes Gone Viral


More than 8 million people fly every single day and, armed with their smartphones, are capturing more dramatic moments all the time, whether they are 30,000ft up in the air or on the ground. The most shocking videos go viral, generating millions of hits as they spread like wildfire around the globe. Planes Gone Viral brings together the most heart-stopping and gut-wrenching plane incidents out there.

From the truly sublime to the frankly ridiculous, the series unpacks what is really going on, breaking down the science behind each incredible video by taking viewers inside these viral videos in a way they have never seen or believed before.

Welcome to a whirlwind of incredible and unbelievable footage packed with graphics and science to illuminate each nail-biting incident, looking at why it happened and whether it could have been avoided. This pacey series brings the very best videos on the interweb, from terrifying (but surprisingly common) engineering faults and unpredictable wild weather phenomena to crazy stories of human error and passengers behaving extremely badly. All causing unbridled chaos in the air, each suspenseful moment has been captured by real people who were there when it happened.



  • 8 x 60'


  • Factual Entertainment
  • Science & Nature


  • Pioneer Productions

Year of production

  • 2018