Paradise Hotel


Lust, Jealousy, Greed, Deception... Welcome to Paradise Hotel.

Paradise Hotel is a classic primetime reality programme which successfully kept its core youth demography over the years to also become a great online success!

In this hit reality competition, 11 sexy single people live in a luxurious resort vying against each other to see who can stay in paradise the longest. Each week the singles choose a partner with whom they must share a room.

As the contestants get to know each other on exotic dates and challenges, it is up to the remaining single person to try and break up a couple in order to stay in the game. At each elimination ceremony, the person left on the shelf must leave paradise and a new person enters the competition.

Heading towards the final, with a life-changing sum of money at stake, the couples scheme against each other to win the grand prize.

The original season premiered on FOX network in the USA where it became the no.1 rated show amongst 18–34 year olds.

Total number of episodes available: 42x60’ & 2x120’
Paradise Hotel - Season 1: 25x60’ &  2x120’
Paradise Hotel - Season 2: 17x60’

Ratings Highlights:
     -The first US season in 2003 was so successful that the run was extended from 8 to 16 weeks!
     -The series quickly became a ratings  leader especially with 18-34 years old.
     -The format is Sweden’s most consumed online programme amongst 15-24 years olds.

Recent and upcoming seasons:
     -Season 14 aired in spring 2018 on TV3.
     -TV3 Norway has aired seven seasons – stripped 4 episodes / week.
     -Season 10 has aired in spring 2018 – 48 episodes per series.
     -TV4 : 2 seasons broadcast (from 2005) – stripped 5 episodes / week.
     -TV3 : 3 seasons broadcast (from 2009 ) – stripped 3 episodes / week.
     -Season 10 will premiere in early September 2018 on TV3.

Paradise Hotel has been produced in 11 Territories and is boasting over 1800 episodes worldwide.

     -US (Fox) - 2 seasons
     -Denmark (TV3) - 14 seasons
     -Norway (TV3) - 10 seasons
     -Sweden (TV3, TV4) - 10 seasons
     -The Netherlands (Veronica) - 1 season
     -Belgium (VIER) - 1 season
     -Hungary (Viasat 3, TV2, Super TV2) - 3 seasons
     -Slovenia (Planet TV) - 1 season
     -Slovakia & Czech Republic (TV JOJ, Prima Love) - 1 season
     -Russia (MTV Russia, Friday Channel) - 5 seasons
     -Finland (Nelonen) - 2 seasons
     -Israel (Channel 2) - 1 season

     More information on the Format Paradise Hotel is available here.


  • 42 x 60’ & 2 x 120’ - Also Available As Format


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  • Reality


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