Japandemonium is a fast paced feast of fun!

For many years, there have been TV shows on Japanese television where teams of contestants have been pitted against each other in some of the most amazing games ever seen, and in which some of the world’s funniest and most elaborate hidden camera pranks have been performed.

Japandemonium celebrates a whole genre of physical shows from Japan, the masters of physical entertainment. This coupled with the Japanese hunger for intense, insane and hilarious pranks pulled on local celebrities and members of the public makes for truly entertaining and compulsive TV viewing.

The series showcases the best material from the best programme makers with a comedic voiceover, introducing and marvelling at the sheer creative genius of Japanese TV shows.

Each episode in this fast paced series features a broad range of different, jaw-dropping, fun and funny clips from Japanese entertainment TV.



  • 6 x 30'


  • Entertainment


  • Zig Zag Productions

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • ITV

Year of production

  • 2017-2018