Inside London Fire Brigade


Inside London Fire Brigade takes viewers inside a modern fire-fighting force that is the envy of the world - the London Fire Brigade.

The series shows how one of the world's busiest fire brigade deals with dramatic incidents and rescues people from a surprising range of emergencies.  

With 102 stations across Greater London, the London Fire Brigade (LFB) deal with a staggering range of emergencies including fires in homes, office fires, toxic chemical spills, motorway crashes, rail crashes, boats running aground, stuck lifts, animal rescue, evacuations and many, many more.

This three part documentary series followed the brigade over the last year as they responded to a staggering range of emergencies.  It provides a unique insight into their work, with firefighters filming themselves on the dangerous front line using special fire cameras.  It is access on an unprecedented scale to incidents across the whole of London.

In the first programme, firefighters talk for the very first time about the Grenfell fire, London’s most devastating fire since the Blitz, and their experiences of that tragic night. In never heard before accounts of what happened inside the tower, firefighters describe how they feared it might collapse and the horror of what they saw.

Other stories featured include the London Fire Brigade responding to a range of incidents, including the Croydon tram crash where 7 passengers lost their lives showing the affect this has on the rescuers and how they deal with the trauma amongst themselves.

The crews are also called to a big explosion which destroys a block of flats in East London. Helmet cameras capture their terrifying point-of-view as they feel their way through the smoke filled corridors facing temperatures of over 100 degrees Celsius.  The crews enlist the help of a rescue specialist called Kirby - a six year old springer spaniel.  

In Lambeth, Tami is one of over 300 female firefighters in the London Fire Brigade.  The mum of one, whose husband is also a firefighter at the same station, juggles the demands of night shifts with looking after her 4 year old son. Tami is called to an incident on Westminster Bridge where a coach burst into flames.

And fireworks night, which can often be surprisingly quiet thanks to fire safety campaigns, proves to be a dramatic evening for the fire brigade as a huge basement fire takes hold in a block of flats. To make matters worse, the firefighters can't get their trucks close to the flames which threatened to consume the whole building.

The LFB also provide a unique window into modern life. The incidents they deal with are a fascinating reflection of society, as are the fire-fighters themselves – a group of people who are as surprising as they are heroic.



  • 3 x 60'


  • Documentary


  • Mentorn Media

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • ITV

Year of production

  • 2017