Inside The Gang


This extraordinary three-part documentary series goes deep, Inside the Gang. The truth about Britain’s gangs is complicated and deep-routed, a hidden world, where selling drugs, robbery and extreme violence are a normal part of everyday life. From the teenagers trading insults over social media, through veteran gang members suffering trauma to drug stash houses, gun dealers, and gangsta girls brandishing weapons, this series has unique access that takes the viewer into the heart of British gang culture.


Episode 1 - Inside The Gang: Young Blood

Gangs are increasingly a way of life on some of Britain’s toughest estates. For many, it either ends up with prison or death. But what are the real hierarchies and codes of the street? And what happens if you want to get out?


Episode 2 - Inside The Gang: Street Wars

The drug business is the black market economy that drives gang culture. This episode explores how gangs sell Class A drugs, like crack and heroin using telephone hotlines. Gang members explain how with huge money at stake, they target each other for armed robbery, looking for a quick score of cash and drugs.


Episode 3 - Inside the Gang: Girl Gangstas

Girls are increasingly being sucked into gang culture, and they often behave just as brutally as the boys: fighting in packs, armed with weapons and posting their exploits online. Known as ‘road girls’, they are finding their own roles within male dominated gang culture. This is a hidden world of sexual exploitation, drugs and violence.




  • 3 x 60'


  • Crime & Investigation
  • Documentary


  • Mentorn Media

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • Channel 5

Year of production

  • 2017