Grenfell: The First 24 Hours


In June of 2017, a small fire broke out in a high rise apartment block in London. Within minutes, the fire spread and became uncontrollable, leaving 72 dead and hundreds homeless. It was the deadliest event in the city since the Second World War.

Beginning with the first report of the blaze at 12.54am, the programme Grenfell: The First 24 Hours details events up until the moment London Fire Brigade firefighters gained control of the flames 24 hours later.

The hour-long film focuses on the survivors’ stories and those involved in the fire and rescue operation. Using eyewitness accounts, the documentary pieces together the timeline of the tragic events.



  • 1 x 60'


  • Current Affairs
  • Documentary


  • Mentorn

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • ITV

Year of production

  • 2018