France's Young Fascists


Anti-immigrant? Islamophobic? Homophobic? Anti-semitic? In France, there is a bitter clash of ideas…

The number of young people who describe themselves as far right has doubled in just 5 years. Across Europe, research suggests the majority of members of far right nationalist groups are under 30 years old.

In France’s 2017 Presidential elections, many far right activists voted for Marine Le Pen, the
former leader of France’s Front National, a political party with historic links to fascist groups
and Nazi collaborators.

This unique documentary interviews the young people in France campaigning for the far right, as well as those opposed.

How did the Front National become a popular party amongst French millennials, and could the far right ever win the popular youth vote elsewhere?



  • 1 x 30'


  • Documentary
  • Current Affairs


  • The Connected Set

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • BBC Three

Year of production

  • 2017