Fatima And The Third Secret


1917, in Fatima, a poor village of rural Portugal, three young shepherds aged between 7 and 9 see an apparition of the Virgin Mary.

A few months later, more than 70,000 people witness an incredible phenomenon in the sky later recognised by the Vatican as a miracle. What did really happen in Fatima? And more intriguingly, what did the Virgin Mary reveal to the children?

For decades, the three revelations of Fatima were a closely guarded secret only known to the Pope himself. Two out of three were eventually released but the third, due to be revealed by the Church in the sixties, is still shrouded in mystery as Pope John Paul II deemed it too awful to divulge.

Whether the third secret heralds the death of the Church or an apocalyptic event which will wipe out millions in an instant, what is the true nature of this prophecy still kept under lock and key?



  • 90 min and 42 secs


  • Documentary
  • Religion


  • Pernel Media

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • RMC Découverte

Year of production

  • 2016