Dr Christian Will See You Now | Season 1-2


Join Dr Christian Jessen for the ultimate health meets sex and relationships factual entertainment show as he throws open the doors to his all new, luxury, pop-up health clinic.

Dr Christian Will See You Now takes the drama, intensity and emotion of the natural precinct of the one-stop-shop health centre and translates it into a piece of bold, moving and heartfelt television. The series uses a fixed-rig set-up to create an authentic, observational environment for Dr Christian to diagnose, counsel and treat patients in 100% working doctor mode.

In each episode, a selection of carefully cast members of the public with pressing health problems put their private lives in the hands of Dr Christian and his larger-than-life, first-class medical team. Over the course of a single day, he helps each patient on the way to overcoming their life-changing conditions.

Playing the role of both doctor and counsellor, Dr Christian is creating the most honest and emotional health show there has ever been where nothing is off limits or taboo.

Season 1: 10x60'
Season 2: 8x60'




  • 18 x 60'


  • Factual Entertainment


  • Firecracker Films

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • W (UKTV)


Year of production

  • 2017