Don't Tell The Doctor


Don’t Tell The Doctor is a fresh new factual entertainment series which for the first time comes to the rescue of a generation who are taking medicine into their own hands. Due to the internet, health and medical information has never been more accessible; self-diagnosis among young people is a growing issue and a serious concern to the medical establishment.

This edgy and fast-paced series sorts out a huge variety of self-diagnostic misconceptions and problems whilst delivering jeopardy packed stories that will have the audience glued to their screens!

A team of four talented young doctors rush to the rescue of self-diagnosing young men and women who have got themselves into serious trouble. Their mission: sort out a generation that often feels abandoned by their doctors.

With medical services struggling to keep up with 21st century lifestyles, a staggering one in seven people aged 18-34 fail to get an appointment to see a doctor. Unable to access the medical advice they need, one in four young people are choosing to dodge the doctor altogether and are turning to the internet and social media to self-diagnose which inevitably leads to some disastrous consequences. From Viagra to diabetes pills, young people are self-prescribing drugs online that often make them more ill without fixing their real issues.

Being of the same generation, the young doctors understand only too well how easy it is to fall into dangerous diagnoses and deadly lifestyle copycat behaviour. Across the series, multi-narrative episodes see a variety of patients who have attempted to treat themselves.

In Don’t Tell The Doctor, if you can’t get to the Doctor, the Doctor will come to you!

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  • 10 x 60'


  • Factual Entertainment


  • Arrow Media International Ltd

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • 5Star


Year of production

  • 2017