Car Vs America


Car Vs America dives helmet-first into the world of car culture across America. Our two young car-obsessed hosts, Michael Ballaban and Raphael Orlove, travel from town to town on an epic road trip. In each episode the boys visit a new town where they accept a crazy, loud, dangerous (or all three) driving challenge and explore modern American automotive culture.

Some say the millennials don’t care about driving and the open road and that car culture is dying, but in this series, Michael and Raphael hit the road to prove them wrong by showing what today’s youth car culture looks like—and doing crazy things in awesome vehicles along the way.

Episodic Synopsis:

Ep 1: Skidplate Schmucks
With the help of local experts the Moser brothers, Mike and Raph learn about skidplate racing, and help
convert a normal car into a skidplate racer. Afterwards, the guys participate in their first skidplate race.

Ep 2: Race Around the City
Using their own vehicles, the guys race across their home turf of New York City as they explore the trials
and tribulations of owning a car in the Big Apple.

Ep 3: Wheeling In Pennsyltucky
Mike and Raph discover - and learn to appreciate - all that offroading has to offer in Pennsylvania when
they take on muddy trails and rock walls at slow speed - and drive an 850 horsepower tough truck over
jumps at full blast.

Ep 4: Long Island Smashup
Long Island has a rich tradition of automobile history - and the guys experience this first-hand when they
check out a 1909 Alco, which won that year’s Vanderbilt Cup. They also check out the current car culture
by attending a school bus demolition derby.

Ep 5: New Hampshire Nerds
Mike and Raph are in New Hampshire to learn tactical driving. To complete their training they’ll take
America’s last great sedan, the Ford Crown Victoria, through a head-to-head time trial, testing all they’ve

Ep 6: Drifting Dunces
Mike and Raph head to Raceway Park in New Jersey to experience one of the hottest motor sports
around: drifting. But when they try it themselves, will they become drift champions or hit the proverbial

Ep 7: Motor City Morons
The guys are in Detroit to see if car culture is still alive and thriving in the Motor City. To find out, they’ll
talk to locals with cool cars, learn industry secrets with car spy photographers and in the grand finale,
drag race against each other.

Ep 8: H20 No You Didn’t
The guys check out stanced cars at H20i, the most ticketed show in America. Despite the official event
being cancelled, enthusiasts still take over the normally quiet town of Ocean City, MD, where the local
cops have their citations at the ready.

Ep 9: Quirky Cars in La La Land
Los Angeles, the birthplace of hotrodding, created a breeding ground for all things weird in the
automotive world. From digitized Ramblers to offroad Porsches, Mike and Raph explore how these
quirky traditions are still alive today.

Ep 10-12: TBC


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