All New Cold Justice


From Executive Producer Dick Wolf, the crime reality investigation series All New Cold Justice follows former prosecutor Kelly Siegler and a team of crime scene investigators and detectives as they crack cold cases.

Kelly Siegler, a Texas prosecutor for 21 years who has successfully tried 68 murder cases, and her team of crime scene investigators and trained detectives, put their vast knowledge and experience to work helping local law-enforcement officers and families of violent-crime victims get to the truth.

With a fresh set of eyes on old evidence, superior interrogation skills, and access to advanced DNA technology and lab testing, Siegler is determined to bring about a legal and emotional resolution.

Taking on a different unsolved crime each week, they carefully re-examine evidence, question suspects and witnesses, and chase down leads in order to solve cases that would have otherwise remained cold indefinitely.

Some of the crimes investigated in All New Cold Justice include:

-The story of a young college student who was left behind for the night to study while her parents went ahead to their family Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, she would never join them to celebrate, as she was stabbed and shot to death that night in her childhood bedroom.

-On the cold night of February 22, 1999, a man was found dead in his remote snow-covered cabin - shot in the chest. His brother-in-law and nephew are the only suspects in this family affair gone bad.

-The bones of a young mother of two were discovered in January, 1992 in a small Texas town. Her children have never recovered from this tragedy and now must face an investigation that points toward their father as the main suspect in her murder.

All New Cold Justice - Season 1: 10 x 60'
All New Cold Justice - Season 2: 20 x 60'

Also available:
Cold Justice: Sex Crimes - Season 1: 10 x 60' - More information available here.



  • 30 x 60'


  • Crime & Investigation
  • Current Affairs
  • #Crimes Of Passion


  • Magical Elves
  • Wolf Reality

Commissioning Broadcaster

  • Oxygen

Year of production

  • 2017-2018